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Razzaaq "Mr. Encouragement" Hameed

Pledge Allegiance to Yourself

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The way to help humanity progress and become better is to be successful in becoming who you are and being on purpose.  There is also a clear and right direction on what to do which starts out by simply making a pledge. 

There are many different pledges you can make.  Yet, the most important pledge is the one you make to your own life and your own unique purpose.  So pledge allegiance to yourself, your purpose, and your success.  Say, "I pledge allegiance to myself".

Then identify your purpose in life.  Focus on your true desires and pursue them with excellence, every moment of everyday.  Begin now, right where you are, with what you have.  Expect and attract great, positive results.

Irvin Maurice Hawkins, born on February 28, 1941,  was the eldest son of Orlander L. Hawkins and Shirley R. Richardson.  He later took on the name of Razzaaq Malik Hameed and was also known as Ahmeen Ben Israel.  He attended Tilden High School and earned his GED in the Navy.

At the age of 17, Razzaaq enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  He spent considerable time in Haiti, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cuba and the Virgin Islands, and was honorably discharged after serving four years. 

After returning to civilian life, he worked briefly at a steel mill and then as a CTA bus driver.  His first experience with a professional sales organization began at Polk Brothers Department Store in Chicago where he sold small and large appliances.  According to one of his mentors, customers waited in line to see him, even when other salespeople were available.  This is where he met Carolyn Davis.  They married in 1964 and had two daughters.

Several years later, Razzaaq became a patrolman with the Chicago Police Department and in his five years of service received 21 honorable mentions.  During this same time, he became involved in direct and multi-level marketing, beginning with a very unique product, a car bar.  He realized that the sales arena was where he truly desired to be.  He drew upon the positive experiences of working in the children’s clothing store owned by his Uncle Maurice and Aunt Wilhelmina as a youngster as well as the knowledge of the science of sales which he was taught in weekly training classes while at Polk Brothers.

As a young rookie at Prudential Insurance, Razzaaq became a living legend.  He ranked #1 in mid-America out of 5,000 agents and #31 nation-wide out of 26,000 agents.  As the first 2.5 million dollar producer in his agency, Razzaaq earned membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table group.  He encouraged his associates to strive for excellence.  As a result, his agency became #1 in the country.  Some of his numerous awards and honors include Prudential’s National Quality Award, Outstanding Young Men of America Award, Prudential Rookie of the Year and National Sales Achievement Award, and Chicago Association of Life Underwriter’s Outstanding Sales and Service Award.  In addition to life insurance, Razzaaq sold automobiles, real estate, billboard advertising, undeveloped land and much more.  He also received awards and recognition for his work with business and community organizations.

His success in sales motivated him to step into the world of entrepreneurship.  He started by going to small factories and warehouses to purchase factory closeouts and other products (stereos, karma organ lights, etc.) for sale, and retailed these products at very competitive prices.  Thus he created his own job by applying his knowledge, skills and talents.  He owned and operated businesses throughout the years as a sole proprietor and partner, starting in most cases with little or no money.  In 1981, Razzaaq met Fahmeeda Zahraa at his store, the Summer Bazaar.  They were married later that year and had three girls and a boy.    

Razzaaq also served as officer and board member of both profit and not-for-profit corporations.  Some businesses thrived, while others didn’t; but he continued to survive and to move onward and upward.  These businesses included co-production of a radio talk show, manufacturing of New Testament on cassette tape, soup-and-sandwich carryout restaurant, telephone answering service, resale store, water filtration systems consulting service, general merchandise store, security, consulting service, hypnotherapy clinic, and over 30 years of production, wholesaling and retailing of all handcrafted leather bags.  Most recently, he became an Uber driver at 74 years old!  These experiences made it possible for Razzaaq to encourage others to attain personal happiness and financial freedom by using their own unique experience, skills, talents and abilities to create their own jobs, earn a substantial living and claim a rewarding life.  For this he is known by many as "Mr. Encouragement,"-- a name that fits him perfectly.

Mr. Encouragement encourages you to become the person you were meant to be and to live the life you were meant to live. He fulfilled his purpose in this life and continued on to his new journey on November 3, 2015.

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Razzaaq "Mr. Encouragement" Hameed

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"Pledge Allegiance to Yourself"

Optimal Purpose Coaching Retreat II

Hyatt Regency O'Hare

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Direct communication is what I love to do. I convey a special message and vital information for each attentive listener I deliver to.  I address my audience with focus and intention and provide more than just mere entertainment satisfaction. I download specific information for every listener and supply substance that encourages each to take right action.

My message is motivational, inspirational, educational, instructional, and/or technical -- at times, emphasized by a p-a-u-s-e.  Each and every communication I give has a particular purpose or promotes a certain cause.  Conveying solutions is my way to help individuals solve problems or reach goals, making the fervor in my delivery sound sometimes like preaching. Sounding excited, provocative, humorous, emotional, loving or eloquent and finding different ways of reaching them with my styles of teaching. 

I encourage and edify on many occasions and inform on many different subjects, directing my words as if speaking to my sisters and brothers. My goal is to impart a message to empower them.  Divine Self-Expression is my gift, my contribution to others.  The words I utter make visions clear and obstacles surmountable.  And for each word I bring forth, I stand accountable.  For this is my duty.

I am Mr. Encouragement.