After reading Pledge Allegiance to Yourself, I wondered what would be the best way to motivate others to read this wonderful book.  My task would be so much easier if everyone had already met the wonderful person responsible for the wisdom contained within these pages.  Therefore, I thought I would start there. 

I recall, like it was yesterday, when Brother Razzaaq first joined the National African American Speakers Association (NAASA, a not-for-profit, professional speaking association).  There was a training session taking place for speakers and inspiring speakers.  Brother Razzaaq was asked to participate.  He was called up to the front of the audience and asked the question, "Why would I hire you over the millions of other 'motivational' speakers?" His answer earned him both my admiration and respect. 

He, without hesitation answered, "Because I am NOT a 'motivational' speaker!" "I am an encourager; I am Mr. ENCOURAGEMENT!"  "No one can motivate another person; you can only motivate yourself."  "I can and will encourage you to do all that you want to do."  With this in mind, my task has become a simple one:

I ENCOURAGE you to read this book in hopes that you will gain an allegiance to something far more important than any flag, an allegiance to yourself. 

I ENCOURAGE you to meet Mr. ENCOURAGEMENT, go hear him speak, call him on the phone, but don't miss an opportunity to meet the man who encourages everyone he meets. 

I ENCOURAGE you to see for yourself realistic methods of 'overcoming obstacles,' positive ways to 'strive for excellence,' how to ‘turn knowledge into power,' and so many more realistic methods for achieving true success. 

I ENCOURAGE you most of all to do as quoted by Yaquta in this book, "Do what you know.  Live what you speak.  Be who you are!" 

My life will always be better for having had the opportunity, the privilege, and pleasure to have met, spoken with, and worked side-by-side with a person that I am honored to call my friend and blessed to have the honor of knowing him as my BROTHER, Mr. Razzaaq Hameed, MR. ENCOURAGEMENT.  Peace and Love to all of you!
Blessed Without Stress

Rev. Dr. Michael V. Wilkins, Sr.
Founder and Chairman of NAASA



Pledge Allegiance to Yourself

Success is Not Giving Up

Razzaaq "Mr. Encouragement" Hameed's writings encourage you to continue when you are stopped. When you do not know the words to move yourself off the spot or to the next level, the poems of Mr. Encouragement trigger the spirit and move the mind to cause good action. Every home, school, and office should have the complete works of Razzaaq "Mr. Encouragement" Hameed.

Ron Murray
Murray Enterprises International, Inc.

Mr. Hameed is Indeed Mr. Encouragement

Razzaaq Hameed is a total commitment to raising the consciousness of human beings.  The poetry/affirmations also reflect Mr. Hameed's commitment to encouraging people to dream their dreams and expect them to manifest.  Reading Razzaaq's writings motivates us to reach for our highest potential.  We are moved by his writings because he expresses in beautiful prose how looking at life from positivity and possibility helps us to overcome obstacles and also to set and meet goals. His writings also encourage us to love and acknowledge ourselves and others.  His motivation to write powerful, beautiful, and poignant affirmations stems from his own life and struggles.  I have known Razzaaq Hameed for over 20 years.  Mr. Hameed is indeed Mr. Encouragement. 

Carolyn Jackson
Youth As Possibility, Inc.

Thank You for Being a Channel
Pledge Allegiance to Yourself is a book that takes its readers beyond form to the center of being, our minds.  It helps to awaken the mind to greater good and shows how to transcend old negative patterns and to act based on principle rather than on emotion or circumstances. Thank you, Mr. Hameed, for being the channel through which your "God Self" has blessed the universe.  I am blessed by your work.  Thank you for such a valuable gift.  I treasure it.  May God bless and keep you and your family in His love and peace. 

Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed Crusade, Inc.