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His life experience is reflected in Pledge Allegiance to Yourself and includes more than 40 years of experience in sales and public speaking, plus a broad base of successful experience as an employee, employer, entrepreneur, consultant, arbitrator, and negotiator.  These experiences make it possible for Mr. Encouragement to encourage others to attain personal happiness and financial freedom by using their own unique experience, skills, talents, and abilities to create their own jobs, earn a substantial living, and claim a rewarding life.   

Direct sales professionals, business associations, community organizations, high school classes, youth organizations, churches, parent groups, families, and individuals of all ages have benefited from Mr. Encouragement's stimulating, serious, motivating, provocative, inspirational, entertaining, sometimes humorous, and most of all encouraging presentations.    

Mr. Encouragement has created writings to help you identify and build upon your own unique natural talents and abilities, by placing emphasis on striving for excellence from within yourself and by encouraging you to DO instead of trying to do what you desire to accomplish.  According to Mr. Encouragement, in order to experience true success in your own life you must: first, love (accept) yourself; next, discover what you love to do (your own, unique purpose); have faith (confidence) in yourself; then, get started right where you are, with what you have; and begin (and continue) to do what you love. 

It is Mr. Encouragement's desire for you (as well as each and every individual) to become the person you were meant to be and live the life you were meant to live.

About the Author

Pledge Allegiance to Yourself

Razzaaq (pronounced Ruh zock)  "Mr. Encouragement" Hameed brings to his writings the wisdom of   his life experience which he has shared on talk shows, through seminars, workshops, counseling, writing, consulting, and public speaking; making it possible for individuals to achieve success in life.

Please note that the selections presented on this website are printed on plain paper in the book. 

Razzaaq "Mr. Encouragement" Hameed

  Also Known As The Master Leather Craftsman

Razzaaq "Mr. Encouragement" Hameed

  Also Known As The Salesmaster