Pledge Allegiance to Yourself: A Guide to Self Empowerment was written especially for your benefit, whether you are working or not working, regardless of your profession or business, even if you never had a job and/or never completed any formal education.  The following program is working for many people in all walks of life every moment of every day.  We all individually seek success in one form or another:  a loving, harmonious family, fine home, profitable business, good job, nice car, education for our children, money, respectable influence and reputations with our friends and associates, fortune, fame, plus many other personal goals and desires.

The purpose of this book is to guide you on and to the direct course for finding your own unique purpose in life and to lead you to the pathway of true success.  Success by way of your life purpose is the ultimate reward and goal you can achieve.  In order to achieve such success, you must first know what you want to accomplish.  In addition, the desire to fulfill your purpose and goals must come from within you.  This desire cannot originate from any source outside of yourself in order to truly be yours.  Whatever you complete begins in your imagination and perseveres by the strength, dominance, and determination of your will.  Therefore, you must carefully select the thoughts you entertain with your mind's imagination and determine clearly what you want to will into existence. 

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself who you really are (Who am I?) and why you are here (Why am I here?)?  You can be who you want to be and accomplish what you want to in life, when you believe in and have faith in yourself and take positive action.  You can be your own great hero!  Believe me; you are much greater than you think you are.  Many people (including you) have good ideas from time to time.  Most of these ideas never evolve into action, even though they are potentially great.  This happens mostly because of lack of self-confidence, lack of visualizing the idea completed, lack of faith in what is unseen and yet to come, procrastination (one of the biggest reasons of all), and also a lack of self-encouragement. 

When properly administered, self-encouragement is a source of energy which works wonders.  Self-encouragement is a form of influential persuasion (to yourself) which brings about a state of mind necessary to execute action.  Self-encouragement causes you to move forward, focus upon, and act upon your true desires and purpose, regardless of what others think or say and regardless of any obstacles you must overcome. 

Self-encouragement involves a process of self-suggestion.  Suggestions can be good or bad, positive or negative.  When practicing self-encouragement, select the appropriate thoughts to enter your mind and influence yourself with powerful, positive self-suggestions.  This is like sending a surge of power to your conscious mind which moves you to take all necessary and appropriate action toward your desired success.  Self-encouragement is also a form of self-motivational therapy.  Desire to attain a goal is the generator for self-motivation; however, this desire can only come from within you. 


About the Book

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Table of Contents

Testimonials – Page 1
Dedication – Page 3
Acknowledgements - Page 4
Foreword – Page 5
About the Book – Page7
How This Book Can Help You – Page 11
You Can Be Who You Yearn to Be – Page 12
I Pledge Allegiance to Myself – Page 14
I Identify and Focus on My True Desire – Page 15
I Strive for My Goals – Page 17
I Strive for Excellence – Page 19
I Overcome Any and All Obstacles – Page 21
I Approach My Desires with Subconscious Competence – Page 23
I Lean on My Faith in Myself and Spiritual Guidance As
Supplied to Me by My Subconscious Mind – Page 24
I Visual My Goals Frequently – Page 25
I Turn Knowledge Into Power by Using It – Page 26
I Realize That My Personal Power is My Ability to Take  Action – Page 27
I Stop Procrastinating – Page 28
I Do It Now – Page 29
I Know That Success Will Surely Follow – Page 30
Do What You Know – Page 32

Bonus Section
The Power in Your Talents – Page 35
Hire Your$elf – Page 37
The Salesmaster – Page 39
Atributes of a Salesmaster – Page 41
Attributes of a Self Leader – Page 43
Master the Moment – Page 45
It's Not Too Late to be The Master of Your Fate – Page 46
Self-Empowerment Questionnaire – Page 47
Notes – Page 51
About the Author – Page 53
More About the Author—Page 55
Contact Information – Page 57

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Selections from the Bonus Section

Pledge Allegiance to Yourself